“We are never alone.”

“Animal behavior, as it occurs without immediate human presence is, as it were, digitally colonized and domesticated, taken up in spheres of human meaning making.” – Yes, Naturally p.166

What is the relationship between Africam, CCTV and the methods of cultural anthropology?

What are we doing/what relationship is made/what structures do we operate within when we watch each other from across the CAL lab?

I think it is possible to watch remotely, even when occupying the same physical space.  I think it is important to objectify our methods of voyuerism, to peer deeply into what draws us (yes, naturally?) into these roles.  I wonder if we could perform within the processes of surveillance.  Could we enact artisitic technological intervention in the everyday?  If well-placed and ubiquituous cameras have altered our physical landscapes, why dow e continue to go about our “business as usual”?  I wonder what the possibilities could be for intentionally haptic interactions with cameras, even with each other.

An exhibit I kept drawing back to when thinking for this post:

Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gomez Pena: The Year of the White Bear and Two Undiscovered Amerindians Visit the West (1992-1994)