“…(T)he primacy of the inherent bodily orientation in the mapping…. (T)he primacy of bodily experience in the structuring of human conceptual processes.” Malafouris p.64


This quote and Malafouris in general interests me because one I have always been interested in non-dualistic theories of consciousness and cognition. This past week I made my observations sheerly from a non-dual perspective. Malfouris theory makes me wonder if thought is nothing other than past/future, feedback loops of sensory data and other information. Or what about imagination? Im hoping Malfouris will begin to discuss the imagination and visionary experiential spaces will all encounter interiorly. Its one of the most magical aspects of our humanness and we have yet to understand it, and maybe we can’t and its beyond theorization never to be localized only subjectively experienced and explored. Has western culture placed to much of an emphasis on thinking, time, self, and symbols? Not saying there not useful but time is an abstract concept and our symbols are static and rather arbitrary when it comes to trying to fathom the flux mysterium tremendum which has just created a quaking mess, because everybody has been conditioned to play roles and act, forgetting that every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique immeasurable action of the total universe.