“The problem is that all this stuff is too specialized, it has too many prerequisites,” Perry said, staring at a waterproof, cement-impregnated bag that could be filled with a hose, allowed to dry, and used as a self-contained room. “This thing is great for refugees, but it’s too one-size-fits all for squatters. They have to be able to heavily customize everything they use to fit into really specialized niches.” -Doctorow, Cory. Makers. New York: Tor, 2009. 93. Print.


As our world becomes more and more filled with those who are “hard on their luck” we should begin to realize that it is only a unique selected few whom are free of this kind of trepidation.  Our entire style of resource collection as been aggregated by several major corporations leaving all those who do not fit into the supply chain either underwater in debt or quite literally wearing the chains of capitalism. To treat those without or little as consumers is exactly why there are antitrust suites taking place in this country with concern to what is being refereed to as “the dollar store wars.”