alex grey creating“Standing there amid the whirl and racket and undulating motion of the jungle gym as it reconfigured itself, she felt like she’d arrived at some posthuman future where the world no longer needed her or her kind. Like humanity’s creations had evolved past their inventors.” (Doctorow. 102)

This week what struck me was the strive for perfection in the makers.  As people tinkered away they struggled with the translation of the perfect image in their mind to the software. It seems that humans have always strived for perfection and improvement in their world, and this strive is one drive that causes humans to make. Making anything in a sense is a strive for perfection, or the perfection perceived in the minds eye. Everyone has different ideas of what perfection is, but in the world of technology, it seems to me that we are getting rapidly more advanced and thus closer and closer to technological perfection. I wonder if in our time humanity will create something that can surpass the perfection of of humanity itself.