“Transposing the conventional demarcation line of human conceptual architecture outside the brain but still inside the skin, the embodied-mind approach may have resolved the traditional “ghost in the machine” paradox by way of what Anderson (2003) calls the “physical grounding project,” but it also has created a sort of embodied cognitivism in which the material reality remains external and epiphenomenal to the cognitive structure.” Malafouris p. 65

While beginning to bridge the “mind” with the “external” Malafouris still cannot abstain from creating certain demarcations of the self.  The holographic nature of the universe ensures that everything is an order of magnitude within another order of magnitude.  The macro is mirrored in the micro and vis versa, they cannot be unraveled or untangled.  The problem is that humans are too used to inhabiting one’s own body, we must explore other ways of existing to realize that we are viewing the universe through just a tiny porthole.  It is interesting to me that we leave our ego behind each night in our dreams and join the ocean of consciousness only to be refunneled upon waking.  Does the same essence that left the body come back, or does a different essence enter us every day, functioning under the mode of our particular neural topography?