(a conversation between myself, Zev, and Malafouris during CST lab)

“What are you drawing?”– Zev

“Me? Oh, I don’t know, I’m just sketching what I see.” –Chrissy

“We should be focusing on the interactions among humans and material actors seeking to discern the properties, emergent or otherwise, that are relevant to the working space and the social setting” (Malafouris 79).

“…But how can you sketch this moment when everyone is moving?” — Zev

“As the linear B tablets exemplify, the engagement between cognition and material culture… is not simply a matter of independent mental representation; it is also a matter of meaningful enculturation and enaction– processes that are dependent on and inseparable from their physical realization, bodily or material” (Malafouris 73).

If participation is action, and observation is action, then one of the key circumstances for engaging in participant-observation is movement. Therefore, movement is part of the process of creation.

The CST lab is an ever-changing situation: questions turn into ideas; ideas form statements; statements turn into materials; and materials become extensions of ourselves.

But how can we really document that shift from question to self?

Mindful creation is shaping the world that we live in. It is also bringing everyone together, at once, to make something happen. And that act of making (that movement), is a picture worth sketching.

“The hand is not simply an instrument for manipulating an externally given objective world by carrying out the orders issued to it by the brain; it is instead one of the main perturbatory channels through which the world touches us, and it has a great deal to do with how this world is perceived and classified” (Malafouris 60).