“But you can’t put everything under one banner—you can’t just declare to these people that their projects are ours—“ (Doctorow 217)

“Without a corporate entity, it’s like trying to herd cats.” (Doctorow 217)

These quotes make me think back to the documentary we watched in class about the industry of 3D printers and the process in which MakerBot essentially sold out and went from open source to closed source, putting the community’s collective work under MakerBot’s name.  Is it true that a community of individuals working for a movement is something that can’t be herded?  Do people need a leader in order to work towards something?  Perry tried so hard to share his idea with everyone and allow them to work off of it without being under Perry’s rule.  But when they faced trouble Perry had to take the leadership position in order to efficiently deal.  Is there any way around this?