Yarden Solomon

“The task is not to understand how the body contains the mind, but to understand how the body shapes the mind.” (Malafouris, 60)

“Sometimes he grunted or scatted along with his playing but more often he grunted out something that was kind of the opposite of what he was playing, just like sometimes the melody and rhythms he played on the piano were sometimes the opposite of the song he was playing, something that was exactly and perfectly opposite, so you couldn’t hear it without hearing the thing it was opposite of.” (Doctorow, 172-173)

Throughout these weeks, I’ve been noticing a duality in the world. The duality in body and mind, material and conceptual,,light and dark, moon and sun, male and female, positive and negative and so on. It also seems like many of the questions we work with understanding have more then one answer and take many perspectives to grasp. In my mind, I imagine this concept as a shadow. When light is cast on to any material object, in it somewhere contains a shadow. We could apply this concept to everything, and notice that for everything there is an opposite thing,a counteractive, a shadow.