“Weird, yeah? And the driving!  Anyone over the age of fifty who knows how to drive got there by being an apparat in the Soviet days, which means that they learned to drive when the roads were empty.” (Doctorow 167)

I was pleasantly surprised at the work that Daniel Loose is doing.  He was working on creating chain mail in tinkercad.  I didn’t want to disturb him too much with questions but I watched as he replicated the empty circles and stuck them inside one another.  I know his idea for the Blue Rabbit project to create a bra for his trans friend that can grow and change with them on their journey.  Not only is this a pleasant thing to do for a friend but it would look amazing in chain mail.  I cant wait to see the finished product.

” ‘Dahling,” she said, ‘burritos are so 2005.  You must try a papusa – it’s what all the most charming Central American peasants are eating now.’ ” (Doctorow 168)