“This ambulant form of scholarship thus acknowledges an object of study that is always in the making and also always vanishing.” (Johnson Chapter 4)

“Technology is how we choose our stories.” (Doctorow 176)

“Our stories are about the world, so our stories are about people figuring out what’s causing their troubles and changing stuff so that those causes go away.” (Doctorow 176-177)

How can expressing body-friendly academic movements lead to a different outlook on the way proffessors teach? The human body’s constant change relates to that of technologies’ constant change, in which we are never at a state of un-changed devolopement or shapeless design. Even when we express our emotions through body movements we seem to change our outlook on education, which leads me to ask if this is an internal feeling diverged deep inside of all of us, or a feeling that gets worked out and shifted into form by us through our expressive body-movements, also known as “emotion dances.” This relates to Malafouris’s studies on the shaping of clay, except the clay may be our own feelings or emotions. I too can be able to find internally, something to be angry at, and express that anger through the frustration of the educational system that we all feel.