This quarter, the Labor group focused on the commodification of labor around the world and the many different shapes it can take.

Amelia Clausen will be discuss feminized labor within capitalism and resistance and resilience to gendered labor.

Arielle Heighton extended her work from fall quarter when she talked about sex work in general and the problems around criminalization, legalization and the pros to decriminalization. Through media analysis, this project looks more closely at a sex workers collective in New Zealand to see how decriminalization of sex work has affected the livelihood of NZ sex workers. Arielle discusses solidarity between New Zealand sex workers and other sex workers around the world.

Taylor Maschger will discuss how cooperative models can combat challenges such as poverty and precarious employment, as well as other forms of oppression and marginalization, through the provision of meaningful employment and economic security. Taylor will be discussing the ways in which worker cooperatives can be utilized by people with marginalized identities as an apparatus for economic justice and social change.

Ashley Ward will discuss the commodification of the labor movement, Fight for 15, as well as provide some alternatives to mainstream liberal movements that build resistance and resilience for marginalized groups in the United States.