Copepods are marine creatures that live in the deep of the ocean. In the first scene you see a Copepod moving to the ocean floor to dig in the ground and look for food. The Copepod uses its legs to dig in the sand to look for plankton.[2] In the next couple of scenes you see a red light come out in the left corner, The red light gets closer and soon you see a face. The face of a Dragon Fish which is using its red headlight like features to spot fish, when it spots the Copepod digging. The Copepod, nor can any other fish, see this red light.The Dragon Fish closes in on the unsuspecting Copepod and goes to eat it when the Copepod releases a blue light called a bio luminescent and covers the Dragon Fishes face leaving it to become prey to its predators.[1] The Copepod successfully swims away and you continue to see it swim and move through the rest of the short animation.


A copepod swims in the deep ocean using its front legs to padle its way to the sea floor. The copepod reaches the bottom and starts to dig for food. All of a sudden, a gigantocypris come out of nowhere and heads toward the unsuspecting copepod. The gigantocypris goes to eat the copepod when the copepod releases a flashing light that confuses the gigantcypris making it think it was the copepod and goes after the light. The copepod then successfully swims away still hungry from its unsuccessful digging for phytoplankton.



Blue Planet, Episode 2, The Deep[1]