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The Secret Life of Plants

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Garlic Doesn’t Only Deter Vampires

The cure for vampires and vampiric health issues.

Purple Pitchers: Deathly Allure and Cell Protector

The purple pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea) is a carnivorous plant commonly found in bogs or wetlands. It uses its appearance and chemistry to attract prey, then uses pitcher fluid to trap them. Can something that uses such deception have any redeeming qualities?

The House Plant That Does It All

Sunburns, dry skin, dehydration, constipation; the answer to all these problems lies within the leaves of this prickly pal.

Symbionts vs. Parasites

How Scientists Are Using Plant Signals In The Fight Against Starvation

Herald to the Angels’ trumpets- Exploring the many faces of Brugmansia sauveolens

Shamanic healing, Psychic Visions and drug experimentation, Oh my!

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