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I wanted to create a something that reminds us of our connection with the earth,  and that provides inspiration for an energetic practice like meditation, yoga, etc. My initial idea was to create terrariums, which brings nature into the home, but I wanted to take it further in the energetic practice aspect. After much thought and meditation, I realized what I wanted to create was a shrine. Shrines are  fascinating to me because they are an ancient symbol, and these symbols are some of the most sacred material things in existence to many people today.

Shrines are interesting because usually in shrines contain Gods, or Goddesses, or symbols to bow down to or worship. I wanted to create a shrine that simply reminds us of our connection with earth, and that emanates positive vibrations to inspire energy practice. In the lap of the figure, I will place some natural materials, like plants, or crystals, o maybe even a candle.

I have not printed it yet, but hope it will turn out beautiful!