“Hence, with nanotechnology, matter has become programmable only to the extent that nano systems actualize new atomic functions whose future potentials are unpredictable because their movement and position in space cannot be anticipated and thus measured a priori.” (Niet Normaal Foundation, 157)

The article Synthetic Nature, A Nanotechnological Future, from  Yes Naturally opened my eyes to the idea of matter, and  the relationship between natural and synthetic matter. Through time and evolution it seems that our beliefs around matter has changed and become something completely tangible.  People have tapped into the atomic world and now are manipulating it, and in a sense a playing a prime creator. I see how humans are a part of the earths evolution, and how there is nothing unnatural about the way the evolution occurs, but I can’t help but feel discomfort at the idea of a synthetic future. Because we are a part of evolution, does that make our chaos and corruption acceptable? There are many visions of the future that have potential to manifest, but which ones do we really want to see happen?

Are we treating ourselves like the machine we create? Are we programming ourselves?