observation notes … observations2

“‘How come no girls?’ ~*Suzanne
‘Girls aren’t interested in this stuff, lady’ ~*Jason
‘You think?’ There was a time when she would have objected, but it was better to let these guys say it out loud, hear themselves say it.” (Doctorow 94)

In performing the role of “ethnographer” for the first time I found myself to be ease. It felt somehow comforting to assume this role that I was given and told to act out… but why is it that I felt this way? Reflecting on it now, it seems so strange to me how effortless it was to perform the task of quietly observing and documenting others… but then, yet again, why does it only feel strange once I being to reflect? Are we not always quiet observers, silently documenting inside our minds? It is interesting to consider the ways in which I have been doing this work all my life.

“Put the notebook away, Suzanne, please?” ~*Kettlewell (Doctorow 87)