“Perry gave him a mock glare. “You have no right to say anything on this score.” He darted a glance at Suzanne and saw that she was blushing.”

Excerpt From: Doctorow, Cory. “Makers.” iBooks.

The further into Makers we get, the less Suzanne is observing and the more she is being observed.  This is similar to my experience this week when I gave a short demo of 3d scanning.  I really enjoyed hearing all of the different observations from my classmates in Sarah’s seminar group, it really gave me an outside perspective of 3d scanning.  Some thought that it appeared as though Zev and I were participating in some sort of romantic dance, this is something that is hard to see as a participant.  I’m excited to see what will come from the 3d scans and to engage in more conversation about this new handheld technology.