(10 mins)

what images cannot be replicated? copied? multiplied? transferred? translated? transmuted?

i am imagining the image itself having feelings. i am imagining its feelings going both ways. 1.) wanting so badly to resist its very nature of being seen, understood, or talked about and 2.) wanting so badly to give up entirely. to stop trying to resist. to exist “freely” among all other images, constantly multiplying, layering, coming together and falling apart. allowing itself to be seen in any and all ways possible.

but what kind of image can resist? resist its own ability to be seen? or instantly … interpreted …

what is it abt the image that says “no”? is it a physical condition, of blurriness, a shadow, a light too bright — contaminating its “seeable” qualities?

is it a combination of image and sound that (together) they both can say “no”? — meaning, the noises present alongside the image somehow create a contradiction … some sort of complexity or confusion w/i the viewer? (somehow uneven parallels?)

is it a combination of image, sound, and text that says “no”? what limits can be tested when all 3 are present? does resistance happen when all 3 contradict each other? or contradict what is expected of them?

in contradicting each other (meaning, each element — image, sound, text — proclaims something different in a seemingly non-correlative way) are they also actually working together? in perfect harmony? doing what they do best?