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“Do you really have to ask me what’s wrong?” – Suzanne Church Doctorow, Cory. Makers. New York: Tor, 2009. 250. Print


This week someone yelled at me in the Cal to “quit with my hippy bullshit.” A student in another class outside of Making Meaning Matter had submitted to the CAL are large order for 3d Printing. I say order because he had no interest in the technology producing the item, simply using the 3d Printers to produce a mask based on the video game series Halo, in which he hopes to sell as costumes. The time it would take to print all seventeen of the files topped over 60 hours, not including the trial and error that was associated with someone who knows nothing about the technology forcing his way into the cue. I also watched a student with a goal of printing glasses, leave their prototype unclaimed along with coins from the first week and another students “extruder”  until their attention was brought to the fact it had been complete, while going out and grabbing a “remix” of an idea off Thingiverse.  This is all just how it seems its going to be as this week I was also informed I was being a disruption to the class and in violation of the class covenant.


Enjoy making other peoples ideas, I’m confused at the source of satisfaction but who am I?


Water dripped all week and over last weekend as working last Friday night I called the Police because water has continued to drip through the roof from the construction on the second floor and an improper fix the first go around. This culminated on Thursday when one of the machines had to be made inoperable because water is still leaking.


“You’ve got people all over the country depending on you and you are just abdication your responsibility to them” Doctorow, Cory. Makers. New York: Tor, 2009. 251. Print

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