“Is that safe?”- Suzanne Church, p.104 Makers

“The being of the potter is co-dependent and inter-weaved with the becoming of the pot.” -Lambros Malafouris, p. 212 How Things Shape the Mind

TOOL and GESTURE (What is your relationship to your mouse?)

conversation w/Student C:

“I prefer a wired, analog mouse… it feels like a physical presence is there”

there isn’t a lot of connection with more “delicate” tools

there’s less there,

[changes(/advances?) in design make your interactions with computers feel less and less mediated]

w/an older mouse, you can hear + feel it -> the tool responds back to you

(this is not a one-way channel)


What’s important about a mouse fitting into your palm? Or your palm fitting over it?

conversation w/Student E:

“I use the mouse with my non-dominant hand; I think of it as having a shorter blind man’s stick.”

(What makes us cognizant of our extensions?)