“Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. This was funny in just that way: you expected one thing, you got something else”….What happens when your expectations fall apart?

(Doctorow 172)


This past week during the Tuesday CST lab we explored Adobe Illustrator. My partner and I discovered that it was simple to draw and connect lines, make unusual curvature and then export the shape to TinkerCAD. It was very exciting and cool to see a shape, or in our case a mess of lines and waves, move on the screen from flatland to the Tinkering platform, taking full bodied shape.

We then found out that the design could not be printed. This was an important moment, because although I have witnessed many designs fail in the print phase, whether by design or printer error, I have not heard or seen a design that was denied before it even got to the printer. The print design almost looked like some of the scrap folds I’ve been pulling out of the trash boxes. This was very interesting as this design was representational of what cannot be done, or at least representational of what is too risky to be attempted, but also representational of what happens in the printer all the time.


“But Perry’s dad almost never made chords: he made anti-chords, sounds that involved those mysterious black keys and clashed in a way that was precisely not a chord, that jangled and jarred.”

“The anti-chords made up anti-tunes.”

(Doctorow 172)