“It looks like a tool, like a thing that you uses to better your life, but in reality, it’s a tool that Disney uses to control your life.” (Doctorow 342)


As the end of the quarter draws near, the attention given to the printers seems to be increasingly intensified. The printers are printing constantly, humming and chirping away, as students hover around them, eagerly anticipating the arrival of new objects. The “mis-prints” are looking more and more like something, the pieces are becoming more recognizable, more finished. In fact one piece was printed seemingly all the way to completion, until the last corner was being finished at which point the extruder must have choked, spitting a huge silver egg sack onto the print edge. This atmosphere in the CAL is making me think of two things. The first of which is that as our work as a program has advanced and evolved, printing more iterations of one object and refining the designs with each go around, the print glitches are also becoming more evolved and finished looking. With this in mind I am wondering if the knotty twisted glitches I have been collecting were only a product of our orientation to these machines and their process. The second thing the atmosphere in the CAL is making me think of is how much it seems like people are orienting themselves towards the printers as time is coming to a close, as things are being made and we are being made to wait.



“I want to redesign this thing so it gets converted from something that controls to something that gives you control.” (Doctorow 342)