“Mind to design in minutes”  ?

This is head banner of  tinkercad.com.

I had not noticed this until last week in our all group meeting. I wonder what tinkerCAD means by this, as their statement here takes on meaning for me that I would not have recognized in the same way a few months ago.

“Mind to design”?

Where was the design located before?

What’s after design then?

“In minutes”?

This is now bringing time into the equation.

Equation. For me, this banner does read as mathematical in a way, perhaps because it  brings time into the mix. Which makes me think of equations of the mind.

What do the equations of our mind look like? What is an example?

Are figures of speech equations of the mind? Or more like proofs, or laws? Or are they a meeting point of language, math and reality?

I spoke with one of our classmates about this, he said that math is a kind of figure of speech in itself, as both math and language are attempts at conveying and describing reality.

Malafouris writes about figures of speech involving time and calls the process “cognitive cross-domain mapping” (How Things Shape the Mind 62).  He goes on to write, “[t]hus, this mapping ‘does not belong to the realm of words but to the realm of thought’ ” (Malafouris 62).

This idea of mapping and meeting points, makes me think of thresholds, it also makes me think of the path traced last Monday between Zev and John during the 3D scanning tracing dance.

Was that a kind of visually equation for what was transferred there?

Was it more like a “figure”?