For this last CST post I would like to return to a question I began thinking about in the beginning of the quarter.

What is worth not making?



There are  connections around this in my mind, I have been weaving together no-things and thing things all morning and the connecting has  been happening in real time, as “the path” is hanging ourselves up together. More thoughts to come this week in a revision of this post!



Writing about an engraving, in How Things Shape the Mind, Malafouris writes that although the engraved  shapes may be “‘formless’ that is not because they lack intent; it may be because their ‘intent’ is not about form but rather is about the forming process itself.” (Malafouris 193).


“There was something, well, spooky about the imps building a machine using one another one of the machines,

‘It’s, what, it’s like it’s alive, and reproducing itsellf,’ Sammy said.

‘Don’t tell me this never occurred to you,’ Lester said.

‘Honestly? No. It never did.’” (Doctorow 382).