ray ban glasses

Rayban printable paper sunglasses cutout

When I first approached my project I started out using tinkerCAD blind. I drew two half circles and cut some eye holes out of them and pressed print. Needless to say they did not look good on anyone’s face. I worked for awhile on tinkerCAD struggling with the limitations of an additive-subtractive polygon based sculpt tool, glasses need clean curves and delicate lines in order for them to not be cumbersome on the face. My glasses started looking much more professional once we learned adobe illustrator, and the best moment was when I found Rayban cut out paper sunglasses online so that I could completely copy the shape of the frames on adobe illustrator and put the .svg into tinkerCAD. My hope was to use 123D design to fillet the corners of the glasses, making them more of a curved shape than square frames but something about my file made it not work on 123D design. The most challenging part of creating glasses using a digital modeling platform was how hard it was for me to create good looking curves. No matter what software I used it was always challenging for me to create sleek looking glasses, which is in part why I think glasses look so blocky and square on the downloadable pairs from thingiverse. If I had more time with the project I would want to troubleshoot some of the problems that I have had with my model, creating glasses that function and can be downloaded and used is a really powerful thing. My hopes for my project are simple, I want to print out my last iteration of my glasses, and once I confirm that they will print I will upload my design to thingiverse so that anyone can use and improve upon my model.

Model: 7g Print time:~35 min  FRAMES X:26.92mm Y:87.25mm Z:5mm ARM X:20mm Y:81.50 Z:5mm

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