“I mean, is it safe?” (Doctorow 101)

“What is outside the head may not necessarily be outside the mind” (Malafouris)

A theme I have seen with increasing frequency in Makers is the concern for safety, with the advent of the self-rearranging jungle gym, the fat burning procedure, and the rides through the museums of misfit robots. Suzanne wonders if Lester is the same person, after he goes through the radical procedure, which has given him the means to transform his psychological state through physical transformation. Suzanne wonders about the safety of the procedure, concerned with his physical health, but not the mental repercussions that occur. Lester’s physical transformation was able to transcend his skin and modify Suzanne’s mind. What would it be like to feel what Lester is feeling, having the body he always wanted, and knowing that Suzanne’s attraction to him is, if not decided, swayed by the way his body looks?