My Blue Rabbit idea started out with a focus on cartography and now I think it leans much more towards architecture. As I learned how established and beneficial 3D rendering is to the field of architecture, it drew my attention towards design representation rather than informational representation. I still believe that 3D rendering and printing is absolutely an amazing tool in representing physical concepts/data.

For me personally in my experience with the Blue Rabbit project, I found it difficult to represent something as is. I believe the reason for this is that I am not very good with the software what so ever. With my current level of skill, I would probably be better off drawing from my head and learning what I can do and design rather than stressing over accuracy of map representation. However, I wanted to carry out my original idea. There wasn’t really time to start over and I did still believe in it. I still believe that printing a 3D map of downtown Olympia is important because it will better its viewer’s understanding of the location being represented. Unfortunately I don’t yet have the skill to make an accurate rendering that can be a reference tool, beyond just getting the point of 3D representation across. This is why I feel as though if I could do the Blue Rabbit project over again, I would probably try to design a future home for myself or design a building of some other function. It would be more of a design themed drawing experience than a reporting themed experience.

I have always liked architecture and doodling floor plans for homes. My favorite part of The Sims was making the houses. I’m not particularly creative but designing is something I enjoy doing and something that I see being useful in my future. My dad told me that architecture might not be the best field to go into because when the economy plummets, architects are the first professionals to become unneeded. Apparently when money is tight people no longer feel the need to utilize another’s expertise in their personal designs. It becomes a DIY thing. My response to this was that I don’t want to practice architectural skills because I want to be an architect, I want to practice them so I can successfully “do it myself” when I someday don’t find it necessary to seek professional architectural assistance in building my home or other type of building.

Here is my current 3D rendering of a section of downtown Olympia:

Dimensions: 128.81×132.82×25.04 (mm)


Rotation: |