“I’ve never seen any place designed the way I’d design one.  Maybe I’ll do that someday.” (Doctorow 297)

What would happen if everyone designed their own surroundings?  Design is something that takes a lot of thought and understanding of the object being designed.  Many people feel at some point in time that what’s in front of them is severely flawed and that they could do it better.  I believe that a designer’s expertise is essential to functionality and actually bringing something into being, but it is very important for a designer to understand how someone might want to use what they make and how to make it jive with the user.  The example in my head while I write this is the “my.evergreen.edu” page.  I find it to be far from straight forward or navigable.  The only reason I get use out of it now is because I have been instructed in specific ways to use it (which links to click).  While becoming familiar with this page I really felt I could have designed a better layout.  However, I know nothing about web design, so I believe my input would be most useful alongside an expert, rather than just on its own.