This week what I witnessed during observations was, everyone working in Tinkercad on desired projects.  On Wednesday we had art lecture and students from our class discussed inequality and student debt. This was a good time for students with similar view points to converse and connect. In Seminar we discussed, things like certain company’s have robots doing work that humans once did.  I say that sounds about right technology is rapidly progressing, the constant reproduction and reinvention of already made devices. The perfect example of that I believe is the iPhone. Will we be any better off  when we get to the 50th iteration of the iPhone. We also talked about social networking and how people rely less on face to face conversation. I feel we rely so much on technology  that the knowledge to take care of ourselves without it is evaporating. With that being said who knows what will happen?  The end may be as the beginning, a Big Bang except this one will be into nonexistence.