Blue Rabbit pt3

In a world that’s full of so much stuff. I feel that expanding on the idea of 3D printing horseshoes is a satisfactory idea. I chose this idea when I read about a horse in Australia named Holly with Laminitis.  CSIRO created titanium horseshoes for her easing her pain by taking the pressure away for inflicted leg. Seeing this article put 3D printing in perspective for me. You have this amazing device that can print almost anything you want it too. I really like the application of 3D printing in the fields of Human and Veterinary medicine worldwide, and I’m excited to see how this technology improves medical advances. I became familiar with horses as a teen working on my friends farm and a summer camp that did trail rides for kids. I learned some about the equine species. Horses are noble creatures that throughout history we’ve relied on for big and small jobs. I feel with out them this work wouldn’t be accomplished as efficiently. So I think if 3D printing can help relive the pain of inflicted horses then we should. This iteration of my project really didn’t expand or greatly impact the project as a whole. I still want to pursue the idea from the same aspect as before. Maybe it put a little more fuel in the motivation tank and that’s always a plus. Horseshoes are also good luck charms that ward off evil spirits and brings good fortune. The creation of a horseshoe is a amazing thing all around, and through the images below I will attempt to express said idea.



Ross, Eric ” 3D horseshoes.”   2014. JPEG 

The above image is a screenshot of my horseshoe in a popular program called Blender.


   CSIRO ” 3D printed horseshoe to improve racing performance”  2013 JPEG

The above image is a pair of 3D printed titanium horseshoes made by CSIRO.


Davidson, Elaina “Lucky Horseshoe”  2013 JPEG

The above image tells a little about horseshoes being lucky.













Davidson, Elaina ” Lucky Horseshoe”  2013 JPEG>

CSIRO ” 3D printed horseshoe to improve racing performance”  2013 JPEG>