“An issue has arisen-” Sammy loved the third-person passive voice ta dominated corporate meetings. Like the issue had arisen all on its own, spontaniously.” 365

This last week in class has been full of spontaneous error, things happening for no reason at all and troubleshooting for final projects. We learned how to translate the digital to the physical. Imputing our designs into tinkerCAD and finding the weight, print time and dimensions of our prints. Issues are bound to arise when using any kind of technology, when I was trying to find he weight of my print I had an issue with putting my item into the makerware software. Arlen and I had to sit and rotate and move my item about 15 times before it would input successfully into makerware. It was no fault in my design and no fault in the printer, it was just an arbitrary issue that was wrong and could only be solved by simple trial and error.