Devin Bender



“You’ve got no business feeling poorly, young lady”, she said to herself. You are as well set up as you could have dreamed, and you are right in the thick of the weirdest and best time the world has yet seen”. pg. 17


You might wonder why I chose this quote or how it is relative to my observations from the field work done in the lab earlier this week, but I feel it was an excellent quote to share due to as I was chatting with fellow students and watching them gain new information and begin the printing process I couldn’t help but feel a sense of optimism for mine and future generations, for with good fresh new ideas and mindful use of technology to enrich and preserve wilderness the youth have a chance to be pioneers of a marvelous future on the globe. I mean you do have to admit if you step back and look we are very much so in the midst of a crucial dramatic interesting and mysterious age where yes there is plenty of evils and too much egoism but on the other hand there is also massive amounts of novel information towards existence and the cosmos from a plethora of genres from the sciences to art all while technology and change are accelerating at faster and faster rates pushing us to stages of more and more connectivity.