Chrissy G.
30 Nov 2014

“People who care about their jobs work here. It’s easy to forget that when you’re thinking about Disney, a company whose reputation these days has more to do with whom they sue than with what they make. But oh, what they make.” (Doctorow 354)

“In this transnational world, what is fake and what is real? Who are the creators and who are the imitators?” (Lin 5)

“In the case of material signs, we do not read meaningful symbols; we meaningfully engage meaningless symbols. Material signs have no meaning in themselves; they merely afford the possibility of meaning, as a door affords the possibility of being opened.” (Malafouris 118)

How much value within the Blue Rabbit projects will be placed upon our 3D printed object? Once the object comes out of the printer, do the ideas that we’ve spun into the project become complete? Ideas can be much bigger than material objects; it’s easier to make a mind map than a spider web. For eight short weeks we’ve studied the 3D printer, which is why we are pushing their limits to exert our big ideas out of the tiny extruder. The contingency has, of course, caused complications. Some of us are realizing that the language barriers between Tinkercad, the lab aids, the printer, ourselves, and our ideas are getting tangled in the web of precious time. How will we ultimately interact with our 3D printed object; how will it change our ideas?