An interface with ease in mind

Logic has long had the reputation of being one of the deepest, but most challenging DAWs to use. Since Apple acquired Emagic (the German company that developed it), it’s set about making Logic easier to use. Logic Pro X takes a major leap in that direction. []


As I watch people struggle with tinkercad, I wonder to myself if this technology is hindering or inspiring creativity. It seems that there should be easier software to use for making objects that mimics the way we form actual materials such as clay and wood, and there should be software designed to make specific types of 3-D objects such as a “design your own electric guitar body” program that had all the technical information programmed into the infrastructure so that all one has to worry about is creating a design. Logic Pro 9 used to be a professional audio recording software that was very detailed and took a person that had specific knowledge of advanced audio recording software to use. Then they came out with Logic Pro X which anyone with basic computer skills could use and understand and also kept the functionality of a professional software. Until the day comes when a CAD software becomes intuitive and user friendly, the creativity of the masses will be hindered because of technical difficulties.