October 13, 2014

“‘What’s with the jungle gym?’ It really has been something, fun and Martian-looking” (Doctorow 100)

“Standing there amid the whirl and racket and undulating motion of the jungle gym as it reconfigured itself, she felt like she’d arrived at some posthuman future where the world no longer needed her or her kind. Like humanity’s creations had evolved past their inventors” (Doctorow 102).

Inspired by a conversation in Week 3 CST lab with Katie H:

What is an idea beyond the physical formation? I find myself questioning the value of the simple three-dimensional shapes that we use to begin all ideas in Tinkercad. In particular, the torus: the blue doughnut holds the same patterns as the Flower of Life. How can these patterns teach us the reality of other things? Intuition is an idea beyond physical formation; it evolves past invention. Katie asks, “How can you create something alive that responds to it’s environment?”

Meanwhile, Daniel is wearing an earring he 3D printed. Its pattern reminds me of Borromean rings: circles intersecting one another in a way that seems to supercede human touch.

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