I’ve been observing symbolism in human culture and I see the programing of the mind via TV shows and the technology that we use.  I had an experience with my inner dragon last night and saw the raw power of the ancient Dragon awakened in my lucid dream.  I then looked into the ancient symbolism of the dragon and saw the connection that Hermes had to the Dragon in this image.

Hermes and the Dragon

The Dragon is pure raw power and must be tamed and under control.  This is what the Egyptian mysteries taught thousands of years ago by Thoth/Hermes.  He was an original programmer of human consciousness using symbols and writing to solidify and pierce the veil into intelligent infinity.

Now I decided to see how we were being programmed with this dragon energy and on a certain popular peer-to-peer downloading site the number one downloaded item is Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Also my mind went to the movies How to Train Your Dragon and I then watched a bit of the movies and I saw how the ancient teachings from Hermes on how to control the dragon [power] within were being taught through this kids show.  The Programming is real and all around us, but many times we do not see it due to a lack of awareness of the power of symbols.



We are all things and even constantly programming and reprogramming ourselves via the medium of thought forms (aka philosophies) that we tell ourselves.  We are always right, so lets program our minds with healing and love instead of separation and dissonance.