“Human animals like watching non human animals.” (Foundation, 165)

“From the first cities onward, urbanization has been accompanied by processes of catching  and containing animals, both physically and metaphorically, within realms dominated by humans.” (Foundation, 166)


How/ why are we  as a race creating boundaries and disconnecting ourselves from each other and the earth?

Throughout the class I have noticed how humans have in time have disconnected themselves from the earth and with others. We keep building walls and segregating ourselves with religion, race, countries, cities, etc. We separate ourselves from plants and animals, and separate ourselves from our food, our water, our clothes, and almost everything we own and use. The thing that it seems we have been connecting to is technology, and integrating technology into our homes, and into our personal lives more and more. In a sense technology has the potential to help bridge this gap and reconnect us with each other and with the earth in a beneficial and positive way. I think for this to happen we need a intentional global conscious change.