Each individual human is so incredibly complex and different in regards to body, soul, and mind that standardization in society doesn’t work for any period of time. As a collective conscious, humans are evolving faster and faster. As they make exponentially make more and more, the meaning is making them in return. In today’s capitalist society, this means efficiency and effectiveness at doing what humans do… create, make, and engineer at an all-time high. But change is inevitable; the next big turning point is at hand. As multi-dimensional being, humans are in the process of mastering the 3rd dimension, material reality. 3D printers are the future of this time. But why? What does it all mean? My consciousness can’t help but grasp at the “biggest picture.” In this material reality human bodies are powerful and effective/efficient machine, but they are helplessly addicted to material. Do humans grow tired of filling the suffering hole with things? After all, it only gets so good, there has to be equal, fair trade. I imagine sometimes humans mind’s feels trapped in this dimension, screaming to have their full potential unleashed, will they find out how? Is perfect quantifiable? Or, is change the only consistent. In this material world we are all individual parts of one infinitely reflecting, and incomprehensibly diverse, greater consciousness moving through space and time. I think the answer is to stop enslaving and taking advantage of other entities, so that everyone can see this truth and understand that there is nothing more powerful than willingly sharing and accepting. Even though there are infinite faces in this 3RD dimensional reality, where the triangle reigns supreme, being able to adapt and compromise to work together takes energy. But if we could all see each other’s points of view, we could all look in one direction and have the most powerful gaze of all. Humans are visual creatures; the eyes are a doorway to the mind.

In this life, if we could openly accept and share with one another, every individual would have everything. I believe this major shift or evolutionary leap in consciousness could happen in this generation. If and or when, human minds develop mechanical machines that are as capable as human beings, what will happen? I believe humans can evolve technology enough to where no-one will need any-thing. Through 3D printing/Bio-engineering and robotics/programming/machinery, material needs will be obsolete. Potentially humans will move on to master the 4th dimension of time, or other undiscovered dimensions. It is on your doorstep, the 3D printer is the womb of the machine,  machines making machines. We can talk to machines, and machines can talk to us and each other through markup language (Text based code) as well as visual, and eventually potentially every other sensory adaptation of the human body. People were developed by nature, we use our own nature and designs found in the nature around us, the nature we create, to make new nature. Therefore perpetuating this infinite cycle or circle of change, but to make something there must be an equal unmaking for the karma of the universe to stay in balance; everything is balancing on a spectrum, or several, depending on which dimension you are talking about. Change is hard work, and work takes time and energy, something that is limited in this cycle of life, or manifestation of reality. I am learning to embrace this, and make as many mistakes as quickly as possible, because that’s how you learn the fastest, which is the opposite of what a capitalist society teaches.