“Suzanne narrowed her eyes and looked away, the table fell quiet-even the kids sensed something was up. Who’s? watching the ride Lester? Tjan asked quietly.”

“Its shut, he said cheerfully.”


Doctorow, C. (2009). Makers (p. 271). New York: Tor.

In this program I am getting very involved and interested in the notion of moving ideas from one medium to another. I am interested in how this enables or inhibits us from sharing ideas and material things, I am interested in accessibility and exclusivity. Speaking different languages can open up different doors, and there are many technological languages that I think are important and want to learn. Markup language like XML or HTML are text based “code” that can be read (or deciphered) by humans and machines. This code specifies formatting, layout, style, of computer software files such as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics – Adobe Illustrator into Tinker cad-STL-Stereolithography-3D printing, Physical object) and webpages.