When using Adobe illustrator I found it to be more interesting and fun to create something. I loved being able to draw something super fast and more freely. It felt less complicated to create something the way I saw it in my mind versus having to make exceptions over Tinkercad. After drawing my piece and placing it on Tinkercad all I had to do was adjust the size of it and then see if I could print it. I was super exited to have it printed , but found out that it wasn’t actually going to be able to print. I would like to experiment more with Adobe illustrator to see if I can figure out a way to print the object that I wanted to print. I like very detailed things and it seems like it might be more complicated than I thought to get all those detailed lines printed out over the machine. I figured it wouldn’t come out exactly how I saw it on the screen because there were certain parts that were not all connected together but I was curious how it would turn out at all.