“What had prompted him to sabotage the ride? It was something primeval, something he hadn’t been in any real control of.”

Doctorow, C. (2009). Makers (p. 150). New York: Tor.


Graham is really into music, drumming in particular. In this class he wants to create small percussion instruments  to add to his musical arsenal.

I watch him design a 3D image of a Brazilian Caxixi in Tinkercad, an instrument that you use to hit a drum, creating a “shaker” like noise. Hes never held or used a Brazilian Caxixi before, he found virtual images of it online and decided to 3D print his own. They cost about 50$ if you wanted to buy one. Probably easier and less time to buy one, but when I asked Graham he said making one would lead to a more meaningful product because of the effort put into the learning and making process. Also he can share the music the instrument he created can make.