“Can I go out and have a look?” she said. “I mean, is it safe?” -Suzanne

“Of course! Our robots wont harm you: they just nuzzle you and then change direction.” -Fiona

Doctorow, C. (2009). Makers (p. 101). New York: Tor.


The possibility of moving objects, shapes, or ideas from one inter or medium to another has never been easier with technological tools. I think about this while watching Michael transform an idea into a visual/virtual computer image, and then into another program, and then into another different software sending it to the 3D printer for a physical object. At first it was merely an idea in his mind, now it is something material that you can hold. But is the physical object more “real” than the idea? What are the limitations of human creativity (if any) to create things out of thoughts, should there be limitations?