“Kettlewell thought that there were a thousand, ten thousand people as creative as these two out there, waiting to be discovered. Could it be true?- Suzanne

“Why not? Were just here because someone dropped the barrier to entry, made it possible for a couple of tinkerers to get a lot of materials and to assemble them without knowing a whole lot about advanced materials science, wasn’t it like this when the internet was starting out?” -Perry

Doctorow, Cory. Makers. New York: Tor, 2009. 39. Print.

During our first computer lab session the class focused on learning to use tinkercad. The teacher is showing techniques of how to manipulate and use tinkercad online¬†to make 3D computer images for the 3D printers. Students follow along as Arlen demonstrates on his screen on the overhead. Tinkercad is a really awesome online program, there is no software to download, any “tinkerer” can go online and make an account from anywhere with an internet connection. With youre free account you can save and revisit your projects. The first project is basically just to learn by testing and playing with the interface and tools, trying to make a coin or token to 3D print. -Shaye Riano