“She peered through the window before she went around to the door, the journalist in her wanting to fix an image of the moment in her mind before she moved in and disturbed it. That was the problem with being a reporter — everything changed the instant you started reporting on it. By now, there wasn’t a person alive who didn’t know what it means to be in the presence of a reporter. She was a roving Panopticon.” (Doctorow 414)

  • After Malfouris texts and a personal history of trying to bring my imagination into painting and attempting to express the inexpressible through poetry has me pondering symbolism. Yes clearly symbols are important for pushing the envelope of culture, language, and creativity, but do we take them far too serious? Ultimately symbols evolved for wild or creative expression but it seems like the modern age has become shackled to our own convention and calculation of word reckoning. Which is kinda odd for we all know intuitively existence is ineffably mysterious and our cosmos is far stranger, experiential, and magical than we can ever suppose, so why do we than insist on fitting the fluidity of realty into the pigeon holes of language? Why cant we just be? For to live and to just be is a plenum joy, but instead we have culturally conditioned embedded symbols in which kinda take away from the immediacy of our own consciousness and direct experience, so is it that we fear what will realize if we cease to cling to thought, time and words.