“Don’t do what I’ve done.  Don’t hang grimly onto the last planks from the sinking ship, chronicling the last few struggling, sinking schmucks’ demise.  It’s no fun being the stenographer for the fall of a great empire.  Find something else to cover.” (Doctorow 115)

This last week I’ve become interested in a specific project that Kris is doing.  She is making a library, which in a way is becoming obsolete.  Everything is going digital these days, even books.  Her library is a symbol of what the future could become.  Libraries might be featured in museums as an old technology, they could become something that people gawk and laugh at.  In many ways this relates to 3D printing and the implications that the technology represent.  What will 3D printing replace?  Things are always being created, invented, re imagined and refurbished.

“Tjan had sent her a guide to the hotels and she’d opted for the Pribaltiyskaya, a crumbling Stalin-era four-star of spectacular, Vegas-esque dimensions.  The facade revealed the tragedy of the USSR’s unrequited love affair with concrete, as did the cracks running up the walls of the lobby.”