“We don’t care about what you did yesterday-we care about what your going to do tomorrow.” (Doctorow)

During this week, I enjoyed seeing everyone’s post and how different everyone took out of what we were doing and what everyone was working on for there project. It made me think deeper about my project culturally and how bells had a different starting off point and meaning in a lot of different parts of the world. While tinkercad wasn’t working I found the other program that we were using to replace it for the time being way more difficult for myself to navigate around , but figured it out eventually with more time. Each day I feel as though more and more thoughts pop into my head about my project and very glad there are options to us for more materials to use for our ending idea. Sarah pointed  this website out to me called emerging objects which I found to be very fascinating to look at .I loved seeing what people had made out of edible materials. This week I plan on finding out where I can go to make my project out of metal .