Although I wasn’t here for the first day of class, Coming in on the second day made me really want to join. Not being very knowledgable about computers or technology in general, I knew this class was going to be a challenge , but also something I was going to be engaged in and push myself to learn about things I would have never thought to do. As I observed everyone I was kind of overwhelmed at first but could feel I was surrounded by a very welcoming environment and it was okay to fail at trying something new. Knowing that failure can only improve myself for the next task. When I started making my coin , putting my thoughts into a design was hard. It was kind of frustrating wanting to do the smallest things, but not being able to achieve it because I wasn’t used to Tinkercad. I started to make duplicates of my design knowing that I would mess up and want to go back to how it was before. It got so much easier once I just started talking around and even observing others. Although my coin didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to . I was still so pleased that I made something with a system I had never used before.