“It looks like a tool, like a thing that you uses to better your life, but in reality, it’s a tool that Disney uses to control your life.” (Doctorow 342)

Was I being controlled by a machine that couldn’t understand me completely and I couldn’t understand it completely?The number one man made tool we used during this program was the 3d printer. Many people had glitches with it and had to take in the fact that we rely on this machine to form our final project. When I went into the cal to finish my project I felt stressed I didn’t know if it was because I went in there after class hours and felt some what intimidated by the people I was surrounded by or by the fact I knew I had to get my project done and I didn’t know if it was going to glitch or not form my design the way I wanted it to. This tool we use could take hours to find out that you have to do it over again . I felt like I should stay around, I wanted to stay around because I wanted to see if I would have to do it over again, and sure enough I did numerous times. Every time I was told it wasn’t going to work It was for a different reason. after being there for a large amount of time I waited at home wondering if my design would have successfully printed out the next morning.“Trust is assumed in the system” (Doctorow 271). I had to trust that the 3d printer would print out what I was trying to tell it threw a computer. I wished my mind could have been scanned and a design could have been formed from what I saw it looking like threw my head. How does this technology tell a “story [about how] we understand the world?” (Doctorow 176) Was I thinking to much about the mistakes my design kept making? Should I have made a simp liar design? Why was I getting so frustrated with a machine that speaks in a completely different way.