The pen that I have printed out fits into my original idea of making a tool that you needed just as it did before except maybe more so because now with the tools I have here at evergreen I will be able to decorate it and have it be or have it be printed with inspirational words or illustrations on the side which will add personal value to it. Also I am working on shaping the pen so that it fits my hand and my writing style more easily. The digital modeling environment shaped my idea in the sense that the pen was originally a little larger then I had intended and it was a little bit off on the measurements but after working on it enough I have been able to perfect the measurements of the pen and also reduce its size to a reasonable volume. The technical constraints have definitely affected the mechanics of my pen because the type of plastic that they use in 3d printing is not the type of plastic that is used to make some of the pen components which leads to a brittle mechanism. What I mean by this is that the way that it is currently built there is a chance that a small part inside the pen will break and need to be replaced every couple of weeks of using the pen. However with a little tweaking I think that it is possible to fix this problem without having to print with some other plastic. The fate of the 3D printed pen I personally think is a bright one. If some of the technical problems surrounding the 3D pen can be overcome then I plan on using it for as long as possible. Assuming that I continue to have access to a 3D printer and can continue to print out new parts and updated designs I don’t see when a 3D printed pen will outlive its usefulness. Furthermore I am contemplating putting the rough designs onto thingiverse so that people will be able create their own pens that they can customize to their own style and their own preferred way of holding the writing.



Pen Clicking Mechanism
X 16.10 mm 7 mm
Y 14.86 mm 10.30 mm
Z 134.59 mm 53 mm


Volume and Printing Time

Pen Clicking Mechanism
Volume 9 grams 1 gram
Printing 1 hour and 30 minutes 45 minutes


Rotation: |