photophoto-7 photo-2 photo-4 photo-5 felted-bells-1-425 glitter jingle bell wreath tutorial

Bells, historically, represent a call to action, a necessity for movement
biking on the street, riding horseback through colonial massachusetts
When thinking of a bell and when I was taking my photos I thought of the idea of movement and motion. The bell needs to move in order to make a sound. When the sound is made it causes motion to certain dormant thing. For instance when I was taking photos with my kitten it wouldn’t move unless the bell made a sound. A bell is a tool that activates the biological and innate alertness of the surrounding beings. Since I will be making my bells out of the plastic composite in the 3d printer it will produce a non functional representation of the bell form. When taking my photos they all had to be still without looking blurry . The importance of the sound of the bell and the different tones and pitches it makes is highly important, but when taking photos it had to be the exact opposite to get the picture that I wanted. I loved exploring with the different lighting and the colors surrounding the bells. Along with trying different angles to get the dome shape of the bell and the two parts of it. Without both parts, the bell would not make a sound and it would just be more of a static form. Without humans or nature physically moving the bell a large function of the bell is completely lost.